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     “Fire and Steel started a revolution in this Kingdom where fire performance is concerned. We did so not because we intended to, but because we were something different. We became legends even though we only did about four or five events per year. We set the standard for safety, showmanship and innovation, constantly bringing in new props, styles and acts. We were something different. We were something different for so long it wasn't different anymore. Other groups started, inspired by us, and all of them patterned themselves off of Fire and Steel. It wasn't different anymore.
     Then came Ignition. Ignition did something different even from Fire and Steel. Team performances, Choreography, and costumes that, while each different, clearly established that each member was part of a unified group. They worked together on new team-based and choreographed acts, and in that lay their innovative spirit. They are the NEW something different. the NEW revolutionaries. The revolution that Fire and Steel started continues on, in different hands. Fire and Steel made fire performance what it is today. Ignition is making fire performance what it will be TOMORROW.
     Welcome to the revolution.
     We're gonna have lots of fun playing Catch-Up."

Frederick the Reckless, Founder and Troupe Leader, Fire and Steel

     “Upon coming across many talented groups of artists since I started my career as a Cinematographer/Videographer - none have ever been so full of kind-hearted and extremely helpful individuals, as Ignition.
     Whenever a location, make-up, outfit, weaponry and any other random props were not easily accessible to me or my fellow film making crew members, Ignition would step right in and provide it all for us. They've definitely been a big help in a major way, more then once.
     Ignition, whenever you need a reference or assistance - I will be there for you all, too.”

Benito Vasquez - Venixor Productions L.L.C.

     “I have had the immense pleasure of performing with the IGNITION Fire Troupe several times. They are an amazing bunch of super talented artists who know how to put on an exciting show every time! They are professional, knowledgable and each one of them brings their own voice and ability to the performances, providing an array of visually stunning acts. It's never a dull moment with these folks! You can tell they love what they do and are committed to their artform. IGNITION is a crew of great, good-hearted people who I am honored to call my friends.” ~Medea

Medea - Sister Serpentine

     “I first saw IGNITION by accident at the Junefair in 2008. I walked around some tents and came face to face with the 'Swords and Whip the Dog' part of the show, and it blew my mind! I was unable to leave - all I could do was stand in awe at what I was seeing. Watching that first IGNITION show and the stunts you all pull with fire was totally a life changing experience. Even though I now see you all on a regular basis, even outside of shows and practices, you still amaze me every time. You're always working on new stuff to make the show more amazing. From the big things like how to make the transfers go further, to Ash showing me that she finally got the kick start down for the fire hoops, it's a never-ending impressive cycle. Thanks for being rock stars! See you all soon.” ~Cassandra

Cassandra Hunter

     “IGNITION delivered a truly exciting performance for our trade event, wowing those in attendance with their unique and impactful performance art. The whole troupe was very professional and went above and beyond to bring added value to our event. Legacy staff and clients alike were very pleased with Ignition’s acts throughout the evening. I would highly recommend them to those considering their services!”

Brian Rosi - Legacy Marketing Partners

     “Thank you so much for the hospitality and goodtimes this weekend!! Your intimidating sweethearts and champions among hosts and entertainers. Thank you once again” ~Renaldo

Ronaldo Bryant - Writer / Director / Producer