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     Ever since childhood, Velox has always been infatuated with fire. After experiencing the power of fire, most of his toys as a youth ended up as heaps of burned plastic. Little did anyone know, this urge to burn things would turn into something big. After maturing a bit, and running out of toys to burn, Velox decided to put the pyro aside. After years of not being involved with fire, he met Tierany who invited him to come to an SCA event and see a fire show. Seeing the fire in the controlled environment amazed him, and brought back the yearning to play with fire, but in a more productive fashion. The fire troupe invited him to begin learning how to be a fire safety and he soon began learning fire tools.
     Velox attempted poi but after getting tangled and bashed in the head numerous times, he decided poi didn’t interest him as much as he thought it would, so he began training with the staff and fire breathing. Currently, he plans to improve in breathing and staff, as well as start learning a couple new “toys”.

Velox is a founding member of IGNITION.


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