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     Tierany Seriflame: A dancer and performer by nature, has influenced and inspired those that she has come in contact with her entire life. From ballet, tap dancing and singing since the age of three, to musicals in the Civic Theatre, Celtic harp and belly dancing, her talent is picking something up and making it look like she's done it forever, even without the training.
     Fire has provided the chance to perform for the biggest crowds of spectators yet. However exciting, Tierany most enjoys contributing to her fellow troupe members' joy and opportunity to express themselves creatively while being a part of such an eclectic and talented group.
     As a founding member of IGNITION, Tierany's heart is with the troupe. She lives and breathes (fire) for the troupe as well as takes care of much of the communications, promotions, photo editing and choreography.
     "Even if IGNITION doesn't become world famous for lighting stuff on fire, this is my family until the end of time. I love what we create together."
     Tierany fire breathes, spins poi, hoops, eats fire, contorts and bends her body and constantly strives for the next level.

Tierany is in charge of Troupe PR and is a founding member of IGNITION.


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