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     Thalia came to know of IGNITION by way of their performance at Sea Dogs Nights in 2008, but has been fascinated by the fire performers at SCA events since she was a little girl. It wasn't until she was introduced to Kendra Hayes in late 2009 that she got her first taste of playing with fire through a poi building workshop and introductory class. From the first night she lit her homemade poi on fire, she was hooked.
     Knowing that she wanted to continue learning about the fire arts, she emailed IGNITION and offered to be a volunteer safety for their practices. Since attending her first practice in October 2009, not only has she become a safey and mastered additional poi moves, she expanded her repitoire to include breathing, eating, fleshing, fans, and great ball. She is looking forward to learning more tools and developing her performance style during this upcoming season.

Thalia became an official member in October 2010.

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