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     Milo started in the SCA in the summer of 2003. He was always watching the heavy fighters and wanting to join in. In early 2007 he built his armor and got out on the field. His first tourney was at June Faire 2007 in the SCA Barony of Dragons Laire. This also happened to be the first time he saw a fire troupe perform.
     After seeing the performance he was hooked, but being shy he never approached the group. He saw the troupe again at September Crown later that year and was even more impressed. Shortly after the event he met Grimm, a friend of a friend that was a new member of the fire troupe and he introduced Milo to the fire arts.
     Milo's tools include, Great Ball, Fire Breathing, Fire Eating, Sword, and Poi

Milo is Head of Safety and a founding member of IGNITION.


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