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     Khan began his training in martial arts in 1993 in Koi Yama Ryu Aikido under Sensei Phil Pedersen. Studying in his dojo was a life altering experience, and the knowledge he gained there he still uses today. Since then Khan has studied primarily on his own until he was introduced to a teacher known affectionately by many simply as “The Old Man.” Shortly after being introduced, he moved up to the Old Man's horse ranch and began training in Escrima, Tai Chi, and various other weapon forms.
     In 2008 the IGNITION Fire Troupe was born and Khan stepped into the role of Troupe Leader. IGNITION has grown into a tight knit family of friends. Khan's strength in fire breathing has influenced all of his performers into being strong fire breathers themselves. He also dabbles in fire eating, whip, poi, staff, sword, double and single sticks, Kwan Do, Pudao and sparring with weapons on fire. He desires to learn much, much more and continue growing his skills. In addition to the fire arts, Khan performs in full contact fight demos as well as designs & crafts custom leather including most of the costuming for the Troupe.

Khan is Troupe Leader and a founding member of IGNITION.


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