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     Groa began life as a musician. Born and raised in the Seattle area, she studied piano, violin gymnastics, ballet and voice throughout her education. Groa has sung with several choirs and has made many recordings. She is possessed of both Bachelor and Master's degrees in Piano Performance and Music History.
     Working as a rehearsal pianist for notable US ballet companies, Groa became an associate professor at Cornish College of the Arts in the late 90's and taught there for several years, combining her knowledge of dance and music to design a program called Music For Dancers.  
   Around 2006, Groa finally decided to follow her heart, and move out from behind the piano to become dancer herself. She found herself learning the deceptively difficult art of belly dance and has studied American Tribal and Tribal Fusion belly dance styles with many accomplished teachers.
     Finding herself looking for a new path in the dance world, Groa was picked up, dusted off, and set on her feet by a lovely family of burners called IGNITION. Tierany, The Fire Queen, put fire (literally) into Groa's hands, Fenris pointed the way with his flaming sword, and she danced into an exciting new world of fire, never to look back.
     Groa's skills include Fire Eating & Fleshing, Fans and Hand Candles.

Groa became an official member in Aug 2010.

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