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     Much like many other artists, Bri began creating and performing at an early age; making doll clothes before she was allowed to handle scissors evolved into costuming, and ballet classes at the age of five evolved into a love for performing in all its variation. She went on to gleen education in belly dance, ballroom dance including Latin styles, violin, fencing, aikido and various other martial arts forms. She has taught Costuming, Shakespeare, and Interdisciplinary Arts. Bri has also been part of the stage management staff for Norwescon since her days as a volunteer in 1991, was head costumer for the Nick DiMartino production "The Sanpo", has been a teacher in public schools for 8 years, and has been among the guest speakers at Radcon since 2007.
     Having grown up in a home where the primary heat source was a wood stove, and a regular childhood chore was starting and maintaining the daily fire, flame has always been an integral part of Bri's life. So it only seemed natural, to say "Yes" when asked if she would like to become involved as support staff for IGNITION in 2008. She has been one of the support staff, and the primary fuel table person ever since.
     Despite her attempts to stay behind the scenes, the draw of dancing with fire proved too great, and on Halloween of 2010, at Strowler Nights, Bri made her debut with the sword as part of Ignition.

Bri became an official member in May 2009. Bri Started Performing in October 2010

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