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     Born and raised in Washington State, Badger joined the U.S. Army at the age of 18 and has traveled the world to many wonderful places that most sane people would never want to go to. While stationed at Fort Lewis, he attended Sea Dog Nights during the summer of 2009 where he experienced the IGNITION Fire Troupe's display and was greatly impressed by all the talented performers.
     After being introduced to Khan by Fenris and Drake, whom he has known for many years through various medieval activities, they convinced him to join the Empire of Medieval Pursuits.
     A year later he started going to IGNITION practices and now specializes in contact staff. Badger is currently working on acquiring the skill of fire breathing and is looking forward to learning fire whip, fire spear, fire dart and other tools of the trade!

Badger became an official member in February 2011

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