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     Kat-Tas-Trophy found his way to IGNITION through "Random Acts of Circus".
     Before meeting IGNITION Fire Troupe, Kat had developed talents in performance arts such as juggling, Devil-stick, Diabolo, and Acro-balance. It was these skills along with his percussion knowledge that drew him to the group and eventually part of the family. Drawn in by a performance at Autumn War, Kat worked on honing his skills before seeing IGNITION again on the stage.
     While performing at the Blacksmiths Cabaret in Seattle, Kat had the opportunity to perform alongside IGNITION. After sharing the stage and practicing with the group, he was immediately devoted to fire performance and began working towards fusing his skills in the fire arts. He constantly works on acquiring new talents and passing his knowledge to the rest of the team.
     Kat-Tas-Trophy's skills include Fire Breathing, Fire Eating, Poi, Staff, Devil Stick, Acro- balance and Juggling.

Kat-Tas-Trophy became an official member in February 2011

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